Amber's Waves of Grain

                    the nicest Alpha dog. I would trust him to look after even the youngest. He is the father to Brutus, Lilly and Goldie. He is a dear friend and as loyal as they come. He is an American Lab who is OFA. certified.Is is an active athlete who loves to fetch like a mad dog.

                       is my big lover boy who is such a caring companion that He melts your heart. He is born to Amber and Scout and the brother of Lilly and Goldie. Brutus's  personality is exactly what makes the Labrador the standard for all family oriented dog. His pups tend to be large and bold in features.

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                   is the happiest girl here.She is Toby's sister born to Sadie and Jagar January 1st 2014. She is bright Dudley which means she has a recessive gene that is not harmful but not allowed in a show dog. They are loved simply for their looks.She is delightful and brightens my day if it gets dark.She is a portly girl who I have to be carfull not to feed to much for fear of her waistline.She loves to play tackle the lab and is very good at it.She has not been a Mom yet but will be sometime this year.She is dearly loved by all.

               is the daughter of Amber and Scout. She is a large framed American lab weighing about 120 lbs. She is a loyal girl with a loving disposition. She is OFA certified and is a very active athlete. She was a avid hunter when she was allowed. She has a sister to Brutus and Goldie.

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                      is the most caring and faithful girl that a person would want. She showed dedication to us from day one so She was selected to live her life here and share Her time with us. She is an American lab with a strong frame and features.                             She is a good mom and produces bold Labs such as Sir Charles who's dad is the late great Bailey a large English Ol'boy that I dearly loved. Goldie is the daughter of Amber and Scout and the sister of Lilly and Brutus.

                       has been a stellar family pet who has been to hell and back by being attacked by a rabid fox or hit by a reckless driver.Yet she even in her retirement years shows no signs of her tough road. She is a hardy old girl who is a big old American girl who is the mother to Brutus, Lilly, Goldie and Lil Amber.In her younger days she was in the water retrieving whatever I could throw.She is everything I ever would want in a faithful Lab.

               is an extremely affectionate young lab who  was born to Sadie and Jagar. He is a bright yellow male who is a crafty bugger that will get through most any barrier. He is the first one at the gate when I need to go to the store. He plays with everyone and has no enemies but He is a leader when it comes to the protection of our well being. He is a short and stout athlete with all the traits that make the lab a great dog to have. I'm proud of him. OFA. certified.




Sire Charles

Chuck is the proud son born to to Goldie and Bailey January 10/2015. He is a dominant male who from day one bonded to Master. He is extremely protective and loving but has a serious side. He loves to play fetch and compete with his cousin Black Hawk. He respects His elders and is aware of His position in the herd.