Lil Bugger



BREED: AKC Labrador

DOB: 06/26/2018



1) Go to                      and let us know what you are would like to know about a new puppy.

2) Request an application to qualify as a new puppy owner.

3) After approval come out and visit puppies.

4) Once you have decided on your puppy receive the buyers contract and health guarantee.

5) Pick up your new family member and get to know each other.

BREED: ​AKC Labrador

PRICE: 800.00
DOB: 12/18/2018



Puppy care



Twinkie is a lovely little girl who is born to Lilly and Toby. She has grown up with the best Mommy could give Her and Has blossomed while eating premium foods. She is a fun loving cutie that is a little shy around new folks. She is a fine choice for the family.

BREED: AKC Labrador
PRICE: 800.

DOB: 12/18/2018

Born   06/01/2018 

three year health guarantee


  • Three year health guarantee

  • Shots to date

  • Wormed

  • Flea and tick control

  • Limited AKC registration
  • Puppy bathed on pick up day leaving no spot untouched.
  • Individuallyloved on a daily basis.

  • Heart worm treatment

BREED: AKC Labrador
PRICE: 500.00
DOB: 05/08/2018

Cream Puff



is a bold boy who is born to Annie and Scout. He has grown up with the best Mommy anyone could ever give him and has beautifully blossomed while eating premium foods. He is a handsome and mature young lab.


 is a beautiful girl born to Blackhawk and Scout. She had a great start from the best Mommy that gave Him all He ever needed. She is a warm hearted and playful young lab. 




is a yearling that is a very good companion. She is a fun personality who reacts warmly to kindness and love. She  is a classic lab personality who loves so much.  She is dew clawed and all shots are complete. She is the daughter to Lilly and Toby. House trained. Pure joy.

  • OFA Certified

  • English 

Is a playful big guy with a lot of love to boot. He will be the kind of lab that wants to be part of the action and if there is known He will make it. He should be a mid-sized American. Born to Twinkie and Sasquatch.

  • Premium foods

  • Secured living quarters

  • Special prenatal care for Mommy

  • Strict vaccine schedule

  • Loving family care and companionship

BREED: AKC Labrador

DOB: 01/15/2017


Pixies Pearls

Amber's Waves of Grain

BREED: AKC Labrador
DOB: 06/23/2018

  • OFA Certified

  • Annie-English 

  • Scout - American


Wapa is a big boy who looks like he going to be taking after Scouts size. He is a bright gold coat and a long body. He is getting excellent care from a mommy that has all the support needed to raise a happy healthy lab.

Pixie and Scout

BREED: AKC Labrador
PRICE: 600.00
DOB: 01/15/2017


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He is a portly little pup jet black in color. He's eating well because mom is eating premium nograin food. He was born to Blackhawk an English and Scout an American lab. He will be a short and stocky lab with an even temperament.

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