Amber's Waves of Grain

Lilly and Toby's  Litter born January 15th.

 Lilly's 8 chunky pups.

Providing AKC pedigree Labrador Puppies with a quality start in life

Teen Pups

We always have some teenager Labs that are house trained and fun loving  companions. They are guaranteed to be a perfect family companion. Complete with shots and health records.

All our labs live in a family like environment. Rather than spending their time in a kennel, they're free to play in the yard and interact with each other. ​All females eat premium foods and receive regular vitamin supplements. Our males eat premier foods, as well as vitamins. All labs are wormed, and heat wormed regularly. All adults get yearly booster shots and vet administered care when needed. ​Daily exercise is in the form of fetch and rough housing freely done between the the young and the old.All adults and puppies are raised with great freedom so new owners will be screened to ensure a good match between your new puppy and you.

​​Amber's waves of grain Amber's Waves of Grain offers a puppy out of passion, knowing what the Labrador Retriever provides for families and people in need of companionship. This breed speaks for itself through countless acts of selfless service to those who care for them. It’s that same selfless dedication in labs: comforting the needy or making a great addition to the family, that we at Amber's waves of grain strive to provide for our customers. Our goal is to provide a healthy happy lab to those who seek that experience.​ We would like to welcome all dog lovers to Amber's Waves of Grain.

New Litters

​Breeding happy healthy AKC pedigree Labrador Retrievers for the family